Automated Zero Reporting

MDScripts now automatically submits Zero Reports for providers in the states of Alabama and California. Some states with Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP's) require dispensing practitioners to file a zero (or "no fill") report if there has not been any controlled medication dispensing activity over the reporting period. MDScripts monitors and automatically submits zero reports on beha...

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Physician Dispensing - MDScripts Features Comparison

A client recently asked us to provide a MDScripts feature comparison to help with their selection of a physician dispensing system. After compiling the information, we felt that this was a good summary of what sets MDScripts appart from the all the other dispensing systems. This document is also very useful for sales people in discussions with clients since many of these features come up. No ot...

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SureScripts Dispensing Software

MDScripts announces its certification with SureScripts as a pharmacy software vendor. This means that sites using the MDScripts dispensing software will be able to receive eprescriptions from EMR/EHR software systems. Physicians can use EMR system to eprescribe to their own location for the purposes of getting the patient and prescription information into the dispensing software. Since patient/...

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Medication Samples

MDScripts announces that system now dispenses and tracks medication samples handed out by physicians. Normally managed with a log sheet and clipboard, the MDScripts system now brings all of the pharmacy dispensing features to medication samples.

Theo Antoniou, president of Cranking Software, says "In most physician's practices, medication samples are dumped into a cabinet by pharmacy ...

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Arizona Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

MDScripts announces that it will be submitting prescription drug monitoring reports electronically to the State of Arizona beginning October 1st, 2009. As in several other states, physicians dispensing medications using the MDScripts platform will have their reporting submitted automatically on a weekly basis.

Theo Antoniou, president of Cranking Software, says "Several other providers of ...

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Practice Velocity and MDScripts integrate platforms for physician dispensing

Practice Velocity, a leading-edge medical software provider, and MDScripts have integrated their platforms to provide a seamless link between EMR and dispensing system at physician practices. The integration saves time and increases patient safety by electronically transmitting patient and prescription information to the MDScripts dispensing system.

The MDScripts EMR API interface is a sim...

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MDScripts Partners with BillingScripts for NCPCP Workers Compensation Program

MDScripts has partnered with BillingScripts to provide NCPDP claim adjudication of workers compensation pharmacy claims. The program enables physician practices using the MDScripts dispensing platform (or any of over 40 re-branded versions) to adjudicate pharmacy claims with a Net-21 reimbursement, paid weekly.

The main benefits of the program are:

1) Shorter reimbursement period as compared to...

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Florida Bill for Prescription Drug Monitoring

Florida may finally be passing a law requiring the state to implement a prescription drug monitoring program. Recent news stories about the arrests if individuals participating in prescription drug rings may be forcing the state's hand. Sources tell us that support for the bill is good, but Governor Charlie Crist is reviewing where the funding for the program will come from. California had a...

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Parsing of Allscripts Pedigrees (PDFs) for shipment information

Many physician practices using the MDScripts system dispense Allscripts repackaged medications. These practices have always had to manually add inventory since, unlike most repackagers, Allscripts has not integrated their shipment information with the MDScripts system. Until that happens, we have added a system feature with which practices can upload drug predigrees provided by Allscripts tp be ...

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MDScripts switches to electronic CURES prescription drug monitoring reports

MDScripts has been mailing CD-ROMs to the California Dept of Justice for prescription drug monitoring (PDMP) on a weekly basis for years. The California CURES program recently added electronic filing of CURES data so we're happy to finally be able to submit the reports electronically. MDScripts reports prescription drug monitoring data to several other states and California was the last one that...

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