MDScripts switches to electronic CURES prescription drug monitoring reports

MDScripts has been mailing CD-ROMs to the California Dept of Justice for prescription drug monitoring (PDMP) on a weekly basis for years. The California CURES program recently added electronic filing of CURES data so we're happy to finally be able to submit the reports electronically. MDScripts reports prescription drug monitoring data to several other states and California was the last one that required physical mailing of a CD-ROM.

"We're happy to finally be able to submit CURES data electronically without having to burn and mail a CD-ROM each week" says Theo Antoniou, President of Cranking Software. "The CURES program did not allow us to encrypt or password protect the CD-ROM so each week we just hoped that the prescription data made it to the California Department of Justice without issue."

Antoniou goes on to say, "Many organizations report CURES data on a paper form resulting in wasted paper and wasted California tax payer dollars to key in the data. We know it's been a budget issue, but we are happy to see California in step with the other states collecting PDMP data. Everyone should switch to electronic filing since mailing the data is a clear HIPAA violation."

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems or need help with your CURES data submission.

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