Florida Bill for Prescription Drug Monitoring

Florida may finally be passing a law requiring the state to implement a prescription drug monitoring program. Recent news stories about the arrests if individuals participating in prescription drug rings may be forcing the state's hand. Sources tell us that support for the bill is good, but Governor Charlie Crist is reviewing where the funding for the program will come from. California had a similar challenge with it's CURES prescription monitoring program. To get CURES implemented with electronic submission, Bob Parks (http://www.troyandalana.org) formed a foundation and collected donations from corporations.

Florida has a severe problem with people doctor shopping for controlled prescription medications. A PDMP program will reduce doctor shopping activity, and provide patients that require pain medications a safe and reliable way to get their medications.

Here is our most recent copy of the bill. From SB 462:

(2)(a) By December 1, 2010, the department shall design and
233 establish a comprehensive electronic database system that has
234 controlled substance prescriptions provided to it and that
235 provides prescription information to a patient's health care
236 practitioner and pharmacist who inform the department that they
237 wish the patient advisory report provided to them. Otherwise,
238 the patient advisory report will not be sent to the
239 practitioner, pharmacy, or pharmacist. The system shall be
240 designed to provide information regarding dispensed
241 prescriptions of controlled substances and shall not infringe
242 upon the legitimate prescribing or dispensing of a controlled
243 substance by a prescriber or dispenser acting in good faith and
244 in the course of professional practice. The system shall be
245 consistent with standards of the American Society for Automation
246 in Pharmacy (ASAP). The electronic system shall also comply with
247 the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
248 as it pertains to protected health information (PHI), electronic
249 protected health information (EPHI), and all other relevant
250 state and federal privacy and security laws and regulations. The
251 department shall establish policies and procedures as
252 appropriate regarding the reporting, accessing the database,
253 evaluation, management, development, implementation, operation,
254 storage, and security of information within the system. The
255 reporting of prescribed controlled substances shall include a
256 dispensing transaction with a dispenser pursuant to chapter 465
257 or through a dispensing transaction to an individual or address
258 in this state with a pharmacy that is not located in this state
259 but that is otherwise subject to the jurisdiction of this state
260 as to that dispensing transaction.

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