Practice Velocity and MDScripts integrate platforms for physician dispensing

Practice Velocity, a leading-edge medical software provider, and MDScripts have integrated their platforms to provide a seamless link between EMR and dispensing system at physician practices. The integration saves time and increases patient safety by electronically transmitting patient and prescription information to the MDScripts dispensing system.

The MDScripts EMR API interface is a simple interface using links or buttons encoded with the patient and prescription data. "The lack of background system-to-system communication is the key reason why the interface between the EMR and MDScripts is easily implemented and tested.", says Theo Antoniou, president of MDScripts. "The simple MDScripts API is easily implemented and tested within a few days by most EMR companies."

For the staff at physician practices and urgent care centers, this means that there is no re-typing of patient data during the dispense process. Theo Antoniou goes on to say, "It's embarrassing when a patient notices that information has to be typed into a dispensing system when it's all right there in the EMR system. That's what I would expect from only MS-DOS VT100 application from the 80's, but it's already 2009."

MDScripts has deployed the MDScripts dispensing platform branded to Practice Velocity at for a consistent look and feel to Practice Velocity's existing customer base. Antoniou adds: "We look forward to promoting each other out in the field so that both companies can benefit for each others marketing campaigns. Since MDScripts is a repackager independent system, Practice Velocity can introduce physician dispensing to their clients without forcing any specific repackager on them or making them switch dispensing software after a few years."

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